To Do List

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Colorado Learning is focused on finding licensed and new teachers and other education professionals the best opportunities within the field of education in Colorado.

To Do List for Teachers and all education professionals:

1. Contact Us: call or email us and receive a free initial consultation. If we believe we can help you find a job, we will email you a secure and encrypted online application via DocuSign. Our online Application takes minutes to complete.

2. FAQ: read the FAQ on this website. The FAQ is a storehouse of information designed to guide you through the process, highlight our unique approach and enable you to step on the rewarding path of finding a great job. After reading the FAQ, you will understand how our service works and be ready to sign up with us.

3. Resume and Application:  get us your resume and other support material and complete our secure online application via DocuSign.  Send the resume in Word format. Please email to:

4. Engage and Collaborate: the process of finding you a job has now begun, its that easy. We are now your partner and career agent. We will work together to find you the job you want and deserve. We will conduct an employment search interview and ask you a series of questions to learn more about you. It’s very important to us to get a full picture of you as a person, not just a resume. This will greatly assist us in locating you a job as the “fit” of a candidate in a school or opportunity is very important.

Here is a brief on the on how to get started and what is the process>

The process to get enrolled and start using our service is simple, easy and quick. See the steps below.

> send us an email requesting an Application at:
(please include your resume, it will greatly assist us determine your skill sets)

>We will then send you an email response looking for more information or a link to our online application to enroll in our service. We will send an email with the online Application directly from the DocuSign tool to your email address. 

Our secure and encrypted online application is a link provided by via email from DocuSign, the global leader in online document support and solutions. DocuSign is used by companies and over 100 million users around the globe to conduct all manners of business related to reviewing and signing documents. You can use DocuSign on any device.

Our secure online application will take only minutes to complete.

We have eliminated the hassle of a paper application, scanning a document, faxing or any other time-wasting process. The online application process via DocuSign is very efficient and time saving for all concerned.  The whole point is to get started looking for a job for you not bogged down in time consuming start up work.

>After we get your completed application, we will welcome you to the Colorado Learning family and send you an email asking for your support material, such as, resume, cover letter, references, license etc.

>We will review your support material and then call you and conduct a employment search interview. We will go over your resume and support material offer any suggestions for improvement, but primarily we will get to know you as a person and candidate. We have a series of questions we have devised that will assist you in finding your ideal position.  We know what to ask and know what employers are looking for via our years of experience.

Want to be a licensed teacher in Colorado?

Here is a to-do checklist for you to work on:

1.  Contact Us:  First, email us to register yourself in our database and get an initial consultation (this is free).

2.  Research:  Second, finish reviewing the rest of this site.  If you want to be a teacher in Colorado, this site is totally designed for you.  There is a lot of useful information and links to critical support sites.

3.  Test:  Sign-up to take the Praxis test (see testing page)

Resume:  get us your resume.  Please email it to:

5.  Learn:  Learn more about how our service works by reading the FAQ section and be prepared to find a job.

6.  SOE:  if needed, work on getting your SOE  (Statement of Eligibility).

7.  Substitute:  Get experience teaching.  Get a sub license and work as many days as possible as a substitute.

8.  Letters:  Get as many letters of recommendation as possible from people who can vouch for your ability to work with children.  Pursue getting letters attesting to your abilities from other teachers, principals, parents, and even students.

9.  Volunteer:  Inquire at your local school about who could use an assistant in the classroom.  This is a great way to get extra exposure to teaching and the field of education in general.  It’s also a great way to get letters.

10.  Summer work:  Get a job in the summer working with kids, preferably as a teacher, but camp counselor positions etc. are also helpful on your resume.

11.  Contact us again:   Keep us in the loop as you achieve significant milestones in this process.  We will update your profile in our database and make a note of your continued interest.  Send us updated versions of your resume.  We like to know you’re still out there and interested.  We would rather send a candidate out for an interview who we know is serious about pursuing teaching positions.

12.  Guidance:  Pick the right path in your journey.  Supply and demand issues must be carefully considered when you select the direction of your teaching career.  For example, far too many people decide to go back to school to earn an elementary education degree.  This path takes years and when complete the realization sets in that there is too much competition for too few jobs.  The opposite is true for math teachers. Be smart with your choices and construct a good workable plan for getting from where you are to where you want to be.  We are happy to try to advise you in this area.