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Looking for a teaching job can be frustrating, highly competitive and confusing!

We  Can  Help!

In straightforward language, here are some frequently asked questions and answers. This FAQ is an excellent resource and guide about how our service works.


We assist the full range of education professionals find jobs.

We also help school assist all teachers established or new, counselors, administrators and other personnel to find jobs in the field of education. We work with a multitude of K-12 public, charter and private schools in urban and rural areas all over Colorado.  We assist licensed teachers, new teachers and educators in all phases of their careers who are dedicated to finding a superior position and more satisfying career. Colorado Learning aspires to become the first choice in education placement in Colorado by providing superior service and real results. Over the past 14 years, Colorado Learning has developed a solid reputation for high quality and valued service to all Colorado educators.

See this link for what actual educators who have used our service have to say on our Testimonials page. We have numerous testimonials from real people like yourself that have used our service and are very satisfied with the results. We have assisted in launching new teaching careers and propelled established teachers careers forward to new opportunities and greater success.


You tell us your career objectives, position requirements and your personal needs. Colorado Learning will put forth our best effort to find you exactly what you are searching for. We will submit you for openings that match the criteria you have given us. When a school shows an interest in your profile, we will contact you know and guide you toward securing an interview. Colorado Learning teams up with you to establish a productive partnership and operates as your “career agent”, advocate and partner. We work with you to locate and discover an opportunity you would consider worth pursuing. You are in control in searching for and securing the position you desire. Detailed instructions on how to enroll and get started are at the bottom of this FAQ.


Yes, we  get you results. There is no cost to apply for and use our service.  Here is how it works: if you sign-up for our service and we are unable to help you secure a new position, then you would owe us nothing. If you find a position during the search process on your own, you would owe us nothing. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain in your pursuit to propel your career in education forward.


Yes, when you fill out our application you are making good use of your time and exponentially increasing the possibility of securing the position you have been searching for. You’re probably tired of filling out applications, but ours is different. The application has a few blanks to complete, include your resume and email to us. It’s simple and easy. Our goal is to make your life easier and to multiply your efforts, thus helping you get faster and better results!

Heard enough? email us at> coloradolearning@outlook.com for an Application. If not, read on…


Yes, Colorado Learning has connections and influence with superintendents, principals and decision makers in the hiring process in locations throughout the state. We have the inside knowledge about which schools will be attracted to your profile and teacher candidate like you. We have the expertise, experience and focus not only to find educators jobs in Colorado, but to expedite the interviewing and hiring process. Our services offers you unrivaled value, which can save you untold weeks, months and even years of job searching. Its common knowledge that more than half of all jobs are filled as a result of who you know. We have relationships with the people who can get you hired. By signing up with our service you are tapping into an established and powerful network whose sole purpose is to find you a job!


Does having a 3-day weekend every week sound good to you? We focus on finding unique opportunities such as: communities with great outdoor recreation, low costs of living, schools that can supply housing, extra income (coaching, sponsoring, etc), 4-day work weeks (these are full time/full-pay teaching jobs) and much more. We know the ins-and-outs of education jobs in Colorado and we can help you find a perfect match for you. We can help you find opportunities you never imagined existed before!


You wouldn’t raft down a river with class-5 whitewater without a guide, nor should you go it alone with something as important as your career. As we work to find you a teaching position, we are with you every step of the way, analyzing your approach and providing expert feedback. We are able to compare your skills and experience with the competition and with this knowledge of the market we provide a very valuable advantage. We can coach you to accentuate your positive attributes and minimize any shortcomings, which is useful in the interview, job acceptance and compensation package negotiation. We bring an objective viewpoint to the employment process aimed toward success. We can collaborate with you to aid in improving your resume, cover letter, offer new tools for marketing you to employers and much more.


As a specialized recruiter, focused only on the field of education within Colorado, we are able to channel all our daily effort, attention and resources towards producing superior results. We provide a truly valuable service, which will provide you a very distinct edge find an outstanding position in a timely manner.

If you rely on web oriented job postings and newspaper advertisements to find a job, you are missing out on many unadvertised positions.

If you apply directly for job openings you have relegated yourself to being simply part of the herd and one of hundreds of resumes flowing into that school. We have complete understanding of the education hiring market and can give you a distinct advantage to set you apart from the competition. We provide you with the leverage and the benefit of getting you noticed.

A definite problem with web listed job openings is that they are often out-of-date. In many cases, positions that were filled weeks or months ago are still listed as active. Even newly listed postings are actually in the final stages of the hiring process by the time they finally get posted.

We strive to present to you outstanding career opportunities and opening doors for positions you are interested in. We are dedicated to building solid, long-term relationships via exceptional service and delivering results. Your success is our success.

Check out our testimonials for just some of the education professionals we have assisted over the years:

Client testimonials- real life success stories

Heard enough? email us at> coloradolearning@outlook.com an Application, if not, read on…


In this recent article on 24/7 Wall Street and MSN dated 6/30/17, Colorado’s economy ranks #1 in the country:

Colorado Economy ranks #1 in US


Yes, there is literally too much information to follow up on. Here is what you are up against:  over 100 charter schools, 175 public school districts and hundreds of private schools. A conservative estimate is a total of over 500 individual hiring entities. Within each district there are hundreds of schools and each school has its own individual hiring committee.We have the ability to navigate the politics of the hiring process. It would be very difficult and time consuming for one candidate to handle this information overload and track the progress of every application. Colorado Learning has the ability and expertise to reduce the overload and present to you the job opportunities you will be interested in. It has taken many years, but Colorado Learning has amassed a database with literally thousands of contacts and relationships designed to help find the right position for you.


If there is not enough time to fill out all the applications for each possible opening on your own, then how would you ever successfully complete all the follow-up work?  Individual job seekers need to follow-up their application by contacting the decision maker(s) directly.  This process is especially difficult and frustrating without pre-existing relationships. We have the established relationships and are able to manage the process because we deal with it on a daily basis.


To be successful in your job hunt, can you count on postings you view on the internet or job board alone? Maybe not is the answer. An prevalent issue is that postings are being created using a future-date to trick the system into keeping them at the top of the list. You could be looking at a job posting thinking it is 3 days old, but actually it is 3 months old. Once again you could be way to too late in the application process because they are in the final stages of interviewing. Another common issue is postings are created whereby in actuality the candidate is already selected from internal sources. What you need is to employ us as your guide directing you to the real job openings. The bottom line is that the internet is a wonderful tool with great benefits to a job seeker, but it is also full of misinformation. When your career is at stake it pays to have every edge you can get and we are here to assist serious job seekers. We can provide you with information that no one else simply relying on the internet can.


Yes, our purpose and goal is to produce results that are quicker, easier and simply more efficient. We strive to cut paperwork, red tape, drive time, and more. When you call a school to inquire about a position you saw posted, (which may-or-may-not even be currently open), they often reply with “have you filled out our application?” You then have no choice but to spend significant time and resources applying for a position that may not even be open. You could be needlessly expending your time and effort not knowing whether that school will ultimately want to interview you. We are focused on eliminating the confusion, perplexity and guess work out the equation. When you are signed up for our service, when we contact you it’s because we have a school that has seen your profile and wants to move forward with you.

We will not waste your time or ours. You are provided with the power to control your career as the decision is yours to pursue the opportunity or not. Our sole objective is to provide the personal attention and service to put you on the right path to get you hired.

We have a streamlined process to enroll in our services via a secure online application via DocuSign that can be completed in minutes. We then gather your support material and conduct a employment search interview, then we begin a personalized search right away.

Ready to get started? Send us an email requesting an Application today to the following address: coloradolearning@outlook.com


Yes, we believe in using Skype and the video interview as a way to save time, money and increase efficiency.  Video interviews can also net faster hiring results.  We have found this to be an especially effective tool for out-of-state candidates. Colorado Learning will employ any technology that will produce better results for you.


The opportunities we work with are all over the state of Colorado. It is our goal to find you a job where you want to live, as that is your decision.  It is up to you to let us know where you want the job to be. However, it is to your advantage to consider widening your geographic choices.

If you are ready to relocate to wherever a job might present itself, the chances that you will be hired rises dramatically. In fact, some of the best opportunities are in small rural communities where competition for jobs is much greatly reduced. Small, rural communities in Colorado have a low cost of living, they appreciate and support their teachers, are a great place to raise a family and have lower student-to-teacher ratios.


Did you see one of our teacher opening postings on the internet describing a town (or city) in Colorado, but the posting does not say exactly where the town/school is located? Why is this done?

The primary reason is we provide a service to schools that pre-screen candidates. Schools very much appreciate our service because it greatly reduces the flow of applications that they need to sift through and consider. One job posting can result in over 500 applications and this takes a lot of time to process this volume.  Inundated is an understatement. They depend on us to help reduce their application flow and provide them with the best and most qualified candidates. They depend on us to not disclose where their school is located.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to teach in that particular town, you don’t have to. You are always in control of what job you will interview or accept an offer for.


Fortunately for you, our system spares you from the tedious and frustrating process of pursuing dead-end opportunities. There are lots of organizations on the internet that will do that for you. We are not a job board whereby you apply, invest your time and money and nothing happens.

Why do we use the term Dead-End Opportunity?  Isn’t this a bit harsh?  We think not.  Opportunities that sound amazing can be a poor match for you. Instead, we offer what no one else does: a Colorado only focus with a uniquely high level of personalization and service.  We commit to you that we will only present to you options matching your criteria and where the school has looked over your profile and wants to proceed to the next step with you.  We commit to schools that we will only bring to them candidates that we have pre-screened in a variety of ways as they trust us to save them time by bringing them qualified candidates that match their criteria.  However, employers are under no obligation to hire candidates we refer to them. Therefore, if we offered you a list of job openings to choose from and for you to contact on your own, we would be breaking our commitment to the schools. More importantly, we would not be doing our job of pre-screening the opportunities before bringing them to you.

Heard enough? email us at> coloradolearning@outlook.com for an Application, if not, read on…


There is no cost to apply and to investigate the beneficial opportunities we can present to you. We provide a very comprehensive and valuable service with the goal of finding you the job you aspire to have. If we are successful in finding you a position, we earn a fee. The fee is payable to us if you accept a position at a school where we referred you. Unfortunately, we can’t offer our services for free.


Schools are not prepared to make the decision to pay the fees involved. They would need authorization from their Board etc. When positions become available and open, they need to be filled quickly, far more quickly than a Board decision could be made. Therefore our fees are paid by the teacher candidate. This is customary in Colorado in the education field where teacher recruitment is involved.


No, you would only owe a fee if we helped you find a job, received an offer and you accepted it. You would not owe us a fee of any kind if you found your job on your own. The only way that you would owe us a fee is if you actually accept the job offer from the employer that we helped you get.


Yes, you heard that right! Fees paid to a employment placement agency (like Colorado Learning), moving and relocation expenses, resume costs, work related education, travel expenses while interviewing and searching for a job and other costs etc. while searching for a job in your present occupation can be tax deductible.

Check out this link to the IRS for more information:

Taxes and an Employment Search

Also check out IRS Publication 529 for detailed information on conducting a job search and what are deductible expenses.

IRS Publication 529

Also see IRS Publication 521 in relation to moving expenses:

IRS Publication 521

Disclaimer: Please be advised Colorado Learning is not a tax advisor, legal or financial firm. We are providing this information to you as it may be helpful to you. As everyone’s situation is different, you are encouraged to seek financial, tax and legal advice from your own professional advisors. We cannot answer any questions or give advice related to tax content.

However, we can point you to the above links to do your own research. Contact the IRS via their website or call them and see for yourself about the deductible nature of job search and moving related expenses.


Good question. By using our service you will be presented with new and exciting opportunities, and you are making available new options for yourself.

Also you just read the above information about deductible expenses while conducting a job search/moving and it becomes an low cost investment in yourself with a high return. More importantly, its an investment in your future and long term career.

You are NOT obligated to accept any offer or to even set up any interviews. When you apply with us you are opening the door to learning about more opportunities, going on more interviews and considering more job offers.  There is no cost to apply. Your chances and probability of finding the right job for you can only increase by applying with us. We have the in-depth knowledge about the opportunities available than any candidate could have searching on their own. It would be easy to conclude that you have nothing to lose and much to gain by applying to Colorado Learning.

Heard enough? email us at> coloradolearning@outlook.com for an Application. If not, read on…


No, when you apply with us, we intend to market you for every opportunity that fits your profile. We may have a particular opening available right now that would suit you or we will search for one that is better. The process can take time as our intention and objective is to find you an excellent job match based upon the criteria you present to us.  We have an established system in place based on actual experience, tested procedures and reliable methods to get results.


Hundreds of teachers in Colorado have used our service and have been successfully placed in employment over the years.

Check out our testimonials for just some of the education professionals we have assisted over the years:

Testimonials from Clients of Colorado Learning

Whether they are beginning their career or mid-career and looking for a change, we have assisted newer teacher and veterans alike. Many educators would never have gotten their start in teaching if it were not for our service. Veteran teachers have used our service to greatly enhance their career by finding the position they have always dreamed of.


Our fee is a relatively small percentage of your salary, especially when compared to going a whole year trying to make a living substitute teaching or literally being unemployed. Also any fee could be tax deductible, see above information about the deductible nature of employment related job searches.  Where else do you get an opportunity to take your career to new heights and get help in terms of any cost related to your job search from the government? If Colorado Learning can help you launch your career even one year earlier, this extra year of service could increase your retirement pension by many thousands of dollars, which is far more than our fee. We will also attempt to land you a position for more salary which has very evident benefits long term for your financial well being.


The U.S. Department of Education offers excellent programs that allow teachers the ability to forgive or cancel their student loans. You have worked hard to be an educated teaching professional by obtaining your degree or degrees. Its time for you to prosper, for you to have more more money in your pocket to enjoy life every month.

Colorado Learning can assist you in finding excellent job opportunities all around the state at schools that offer loan forgiveness and get you on the road to financial freedom. Wouldn’t it be great to rid yourself of the student loan milestone around your neck?

See this link for more information: Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation


The cost of our service is a percentage of your first 12 months (and only the first 12 months) of earnings. There are various affordable payment plan options depending upon the speed & method of your payment.  The exact details of the fee structure can be found within our application, which we are happy to send you. Our  fees are significantly lower than normal corporate recruiters or other placement services typically charge. We understand the field of education as it is our sole focus in terms of finding candidates employment.

Ready to get started? Email us a request for an Application today at the following address: coloradolearning@outlook.com


We work very hard to meet your needs. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with excellent service with the goal of finding you the job you want. Remember you are in control of this process. We will work to present to you substantial job opportunities, you will decide if you want to pursue the interview or ultimately accept an offer. Colorado Learning is in business to service the needs of individuals who are serious about moving forward with their career. We have a track record of success and have assisted many individuals find fulfilling positions in the field of education with higher income, sought after locations and enhanced career mobility.


Yes & No. Of course, most of the hiring in the field of education occurs between March and August. However, excellent opportunities present themselves in the “off-season”. Colorado Learning specializes in capitalizing on these opportunities. When schools need a teacher in the off-season this is a major crisis for the school, because at that time teachers are either employed or not available. Schools contact us for assistance in finding candidates in these off season situations. We are often able to offer a very valuable benefit to our teacher candidates by enabling them to participate in these very unique, low competition interview scenarios.


Yes. The BBB has rated us with an A+ rating, which is the highest rating they give for any company. We work hard everyday to keep earning the trust of teachers and the greater community of education in Colorado. We operate this company with integrity and based on fairness, honesty and respect for you and the education system. We hope to be given a chance to help you and to earn your trust.


We can assist licensed and new teachers and other education personnel find employment.

If you are serious about finding a job that will match your talents, enhance your career and put you on the path to success we are here to provide a superior service to exceed your expectations.


The process of looking for a teaching job can be frustrating, confusing and highly competitive. At times you can feel like you will never get the break you need or a position that matches your talents and skills.

The process to get enrolled and start using our service is simple, easy and quick. See the steps below.

> send us an email requesting an Application at: coloradolearning@outlook.com

(please include your resume, it will greatly assist us determine your skill sets)

>We will then send you an email response looking for more information or a link to our online application to enroll in our service. We will send an email with the Application directly from the DocuSign tool to your email address.

Our secure and encrypted online application is a link provided by via email from DocuSign, the global leader in online document support and solutions. DocuSign is used by companies and over 100 million users around the globe to conduct all manners of business related to reviewing and signing documents. You can use DocuSign on any device.

Our secure online application will take only minutes to complete.

We have eliminated the hassle of a paper application, scanning a document, faxing or any other time wasting process. The online application process via DocuSign is very efficient and time saving for all concerned.  The whole point is to get started looking for a job for you not bogged down in time consuming start up work.

>After we get your completed application, we will welcome you to the Colorado Learning family and send you an email asking for your support material, such as, resume, cover letter, references, license etc.

>We will review your support material and then call you and conduct a employment search interview. We will go over your resume and support material offer any suggestions for improvement, but primarily we will get to know you as a person and candidate. We have a series of questions we have devised that will assist you in finding your ideal position.  We know what to ask and know what employers are looking for via our years of experience.

Please add our email address and DocuSign as a Safe Sender and to your Contact List, so our communications do not default to junk email. Its also very important to look for that initial DocuSign email with our application in all our email folders- inbox and junk mail in case it was filtered there.

If you are a licensed teacher, administrator or other education professional, call us today for a no-obligation interview. We will assess your profile and background and then we will let you know whether we can assist you in finding you a job. If we think we can, we will provide you a email with our easy to fill out application. Colorado Learning is not a public, private, charter school nor a hiring entity. Completing the application begins a productive partnership which will hopefully end with finding the right position for you at a school. No matter where you are in the field of education, we want to help you get where you want to be.

We believe we are providing a truly beneficial service to not only our applicants, but to the Colorado education system. Colorado Learning is dedicated to doing everything possible to find, attract and keep top education talent in the state. Our passion for education inspires us and we truly value the teaching profession. By dedicating ourselves to assisting schools locate talented, capable and skilled education professionals to fill their open positions, we are doing our part to strengthen and fortify the education system.

Please be aware that signing up with our service does not obligate you to go on interviews or accept any offers. We strive to present to you outstanding career opportunities and opening the door to a position you have always desired.

The choice is yours.


The Staff at Colorado Learning, LLC.

Contact us:




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