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We assist education professionals achieve their goals and propel their careers forward.  We strive for success and are proud of the results. Below are some examples of what real clients have to say about our company and service> _________________________________________________________________________________

In all honesty, it was hard to boil down all the positive things I wanted to say about you and CL into a few sentences.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

As an out-of-state applicant with limited knowledge about these different districts and available teaching positions throughout Colorado, I expected the job search process to be difficult and possibly fruitless.  I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful team to partner with than Colorado Learning.  I found their extensive educational insight and experience to be invaluable, and they walked me through every step of the interview process, even to the point of helping me look for housing and community resources.  I wholeheartedly recommend Steve and his team at Colorado Learning. I’ve already passed his information on to coworkers who plan to move to Colorado in the future.  I know the high school where I’ll be teaching is going to be the perfect for my career goals and personality and I’m excited to move to the mountains this summer!

Josh B.


Investing in the services Colorado Learning offers has been one of the best professional decisions of my budding career. With the help of Steve, I am finally in a position where I can do what I love, in an environment I desire, with the support and resources I need to grow. I might have been able to find a teaching position on my own, but I certainly wouldn’t have the support, passion, or happiness that I have found here.

Brad A.


My experience working with Steve from Colorado Learning has been nothing but positive. As an out of state applicant, I was having a hard time finding postings for jobs in Colorado. Not only did Steve help me secure an interview in 2 days, but he also helped me to make my moving arrangements, find somewhere to live, and has been genuinely interested in my well being and adaptation to my new professional life. I have no hesitation fully recommending Colorado Learning to anyone looking for educational work in the state. This company will find you a job in a city that you will quickly be calling home. Thanks for all your hard work!

Zak M.


Professional, insightful, friendly, and welcoming is a good start to describing Steve and Colorado Learning.  Being from the east coast, but a frequent visitor to Colorado, I had had my eyes on a career move to here for a long time.  Steve made the process very simple and expedient.  In fact, with his understandings of what his client schools need and are looking for and his review of my resume along with our introductory conversation, he connected me with a school that offers an excellent fit for my professional experience, interests and work style.

A Skype interview followed by visiting for a day of guest-teaching and opportunities to meet the staff directly resulted in an offer and a contract.  Being new to the area, Colorado Learning saved me an enormous amount of time and energy and working with them is  excellent investment in your career.  Thank you, Steve!



It seemed impossible for me to find a job in a new state that I was hardly familiar with, but Colorado Learning made it a reality in mere weeks.  I went from being totally lost to scoring my dream job in no time. Thanks for the help!  This school is incredible.

Drew R.


After applying to over a hundred school counselor jobs in Massachusetts and feeling like my resume was getting lost in the shuffle, I decided to look into relocating to Colorado. I found Colorado Learning online during a job search. I contacted Steve @ Colorado Learning and right away I knew his positive energy was going to be a great experience. From then on, Steve and I were in contact almost daily. Steve was persistent, fast, and effective!

In less than a month, Steve had me set up with several interviews throughout Colorado. I ended up accepting an amazing offer as a guidance counselor (6-12), in what seemed like a blink of an eye. The school and staff fit my personality to a tee! It has been a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful for all the work Steve provided.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Colorado Learning sooner!!



“I contacted Colorado Learning on a Tuesday, and two days later I had a job offer.  Anyone who has worked in education for any amount of time will know that this is unheard of.  Needless to say I was impressed to the point of amazement.

The professional and lightening-fast performance exhibited by Colorado Learning stands in stark contrast to my previous experience with education placement agencies who not only failed to find me a position, but also couldn’t even be bothered to respond to my emails.

I unequivocally recommend Colorado Learning.  There is no downside to putting this highly efficient placement service to work on your behalf–you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. ”

Best Regards,

Jason L.


Steve worked with me for several months by phone and long distance to help me find opportunities that matched my credentials and preferences, and then worked as the liaison between myself and the school districts to schedule interviews. He also went the extra mile in providing me with insider/local tips about the area, the assistance of an apartment locator, and he guided me throughout the process of obtaining my Colorado licensure. I highly recommend Colorado  Learning to anyone within the education field who is looking to relocate to Colorado. Without Steve’s persistence and diligence…I would not be here

 – Audra M.


After working one on one with Steve from Colorado learning, I highly recommend going through them if wanting a teaching career in the state of Colorado. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Within only a week, Colorado learning had achieved to offer me two job interviews along with a job offer as well! This was only in a WEEK’S time! The job positions were in wonderful areas and with well known successful School Districts.

Colorado Learning works one on one with these schools in order to receive feedback to improve how you interview and what you need to work on. This was not only a fantastic way to receive a position out in Colorado but also a great way to get quick feedback on how you interview and how to improve as a future employee. I will absolutely use Colorado Learning in the future-I’ve never used anything like it and am definitely impressed with the progress, efficiency, and personal work/feed back that they put into you as an individual. All of this was done with myself having an Art teaching degree while Art teaching positions are very scarce and hard to come by. Wonderful experience!!

Megan M.


I could not be more pleased with the experience I had with Colorado Learning. Steve and his staff were incredibly professional and diligent. I was amazed at how quickly I was in contact with schools interested in my services. It was an eye opening experience after looking around the east coast with little success. Steve was very hard working and maintained great contact throughout the process. It really made a difference having the Colorado Learning team advocate for me instead of feeling like my applications were being lost and never looked at. I absolutely recommend Colorado Learning if you are looking for job because they have so many great connections and take your preferences into account.

Best wishes,

Ben K.


Steve is an amazing individual…thanks to him I got my teaching position in Colorado, but not any position. The position involves a principal whom is humanist and kind unlike other principals I have encountered…thank you Steve, with affection and most respect…



Steve and his team at Colorado Learning are professional, extremely communicative, and will move mountains to get you where you want to be in the education field. Within a week of working with Steve I had received three offers from top notch schools. If you’re looking for a job, Colorado Learning should be your first call. Thanks for everything Steve!

Will P.


Job hunting is the worst. Teaching applications have become unbelievably impersonal and at the end of the day you are always left in doubt whether anyone actually has looked at your resume. Colorado Learning provided that foot in the door. They provided me a sense of comfort knowing that they were actually talking with schools on my behalf. If you are tired of shouting into the void I highly recommend allowing Colorado Learning a chance to work their magic and give you the opportunity to state your case with actual people. 


-Kevin L


Steve and his team were extremely helpful in my job search.  With tremendous knowledge about different school districts and relationships with principals, he was able to solidify a number of interviews for me.  Should I embark on the job search process again, I would definitely use him and his services again.

Elissa M. 


Steve Johnston and the staff at Colorado Learning was able to help secure two interviews despite being abroad in Egypt which can be quite difficult.  Despite these limitations, Steve and crew were very helpful and knowledgeable, flexible on the sometimes difficult time differences, but always quick to respond.  I would highly suggest their services if you are relocating to Colorado from a distance.



Colorado Learning worked with me extensively, finding great potential fits at thriving schools, and worked exhaustively around both my budget and my schedule to find a good fit for me and the school that will be my new home! I appreciate so much all of the time and effort that they invested in me, and on my behalf, and am so grateful.

R.P. Martin


Colorado Learning’s effectiveness and power stem from the consistent kindness and hard work of its employees. I would recommend this service to any teacher seeking meaningful employment within the great state of Colorado. 

 Daniel Malinconico 


In this economy finding a job gets harder and harder. Being new to the area I  did not know  where to start looking.  Well, Steve made it happen.  He answered all my questions, gave me information related to changing my state teaching license, and so much more than just finding a job. Something that I found very impressive is that the School Principal was having trouble reaching out to my references. Steve intervened by contacting them and  the principal was able to speak to all of them. It was a key factor for being hired.   It is well worth the investment.



I highly recommend using Colorado Learning. They listened to exactly what kind of job I was looking for and found the unique position I have now. It is often very hard to get your resume to the right people especially being out of state.

I had previously only been able to get substitute positions. With their help I had my choice of jobs! They truly made the process incredibly easy. Anyone looking for a job in the education world should check Colorado Learning out!



When I first contacted Colorado Learning for some help in finding me a teaching position in Colorado I only had a few criteria: it had to be middle school or above and it needed to be somewhere pretty. Well, Steve and co. wasted no time in finding me a position smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. I know that the stress of moving to a new place and finding employment can almost turn someone away from the change, but Steve and those at Colorado Learning take that stress off your shoulders making the experience enjoyable. I’d highly suggest their services to anyone moving to the state.

 James Guthrie

I want to thank you for your serious pursuits in assisting me in finding an education job for the past few months. You genuinely gave me the support I needed to move forward.  You helped me greatly.

Thanks again,




My experience with Colorado Learning allowed me to secure a full-time teaching opportunity of a lifetime.  Throughout the process, Steve and his team did a fantastic job finding a position in which I will be able to thrive.  As I wanted to relocate to Colorado from New York, Steve was able to open up the doors to new opportunities and help with the interview process, contacting the school district frequently, assisted with housing, and setting me up to attain my Colorado Teaching license.  I couldn’t thank the Colorado Learning team enough as they have made the process of moving to Colorado a stress-free and exciting experience in order start the next chapter of my life.

Best regards,



“I am reminded daily in teaching my new class, how truly thankful I am to the people who made this possible. Because of Colorado Learning, I have been employed with a new teaching position that I truly could not have achieved without their help.

The Colorado Learning was exemplary in responding quickly and consistently to the school’s questions, schedules, e-mails, interview requests, phone calls and comments. I am convinced it was your constant positive feedback to the school administration that opened the door to this position for me. It is truly a comfort to have a professional “on your side”, with the same goals in mind to put you into interviews and achieve employment.

Before calling you, I had literally spent a few years looking and waiting for another teaching position to open up in my local school district. In the meantime, I had settled for a teaching job at a child development school, which turned out to be really just daycare.

Without a doubt, having the Colorado Learning helping me, encouraging me, coaching me towards success, made the difference between being hired or overlooked. The constant frustration of trying to make contact with schools, get responses, or even a hope of an interview can become insurmountable over time. I know having the support of the professionals of the Colorado Learning really put the odds in my favor over others that might have been considered at the time.

To anyone looking for a job in the education field, I would highly recommend the Colorado Learning, and within a short time, they too will be most thankful they did!”

Sincerest thanks,



“I had been looking for work in teaching full time for over three years with no success. I have advanced degrees and excellent experience, so I was perplexed about my lack of success. Then I found Colorado Learning. Within a week I had my choice of three positions and was hired the next week. I highly recommend Colorado Learning as a very dependable means of finding employment in the education field.”

Best Regards,



Thank you for all of your intense and timely input towards my career pursuits !!!

I really appreciate you.  I would readily use Colorado Learning in the future as needed.

Sandy C.


I would highly recommend Colorado Learning for those who wish to relocate to the great state of Colorado.  They provided invaluable help and support with the difficult and often stressful challenge that comes with relocating.  They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding various schools, districts, and regions. They worked tirelessly to find suitable vacant positions, used their vast network to set up interviews, provided insightful resources and background information for preparation, and always followed up with valuable post-interview communication.

David F.


“Colorado Learning did an amazing job at matching my skills and personality to a school that I would not have found by merely searching for openings online. I feel very much appreciated by the new staff of the school for my level of expertise and teaching potential. I am VERY excited for my new position.

I wish that I had Colorado Learning to guide me from the moment I graduated my teaching program in finding teaching opportunities. The application process to numerous districts at the end of the spring semester was quite overwhelming and the applicant pool was so large that I did not know if I was going to have a job the following year. Once I came across Colorado Learning after I had started another job at a middle school, I realized what I had missed out on.

Colorado Learning has gone the extra mile-and-a-half to ensure that this new opportunity would be the best fit for me. Thanks to Colorado Learning, I have a position that I feel confident will be rewarding and fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better match!”




Colorado Learning is a wonderful service that is very helpful in finding you a job in the school systems in Colorado. Through them, I was able to interview with several schools in Colorado- I was even offered a position! Definitely try this out!



The professionals at Colorado Learning and Steve Johnston communicated thoroughly with me every step of the way to assess exactly what type of position I was looking for. They then tailored my search so that it was focused solely on those positions that would be a perfect fit for me and the school. I now have  found a great position in a desirable location I am excited about,  due in large part to Steve’s diligent and consistent hard work, guidance, and support throughout the entire process.

I could not imagine a better teaching assignment, I’m remembering why I loved teaching in the first place. Thanks once again for finding such a great fit!



“I wanted to say that I had a great experience with Colorado Learning. I had to relocate from California to Colorado and it meant a lot to have someone looking out for me and helping me each step of the way. Beyond that, Colorado Learning was there for me any time I called or had a question, which I find a rare and cherished quality in others. Thank you so much for being there for me! I would enthusiastically recommend Colorado Learning to anyone in education looking for a great position in Colorado.”

Best Regards,



I had the best experience with Colorado Learning.  Not only do they help find placements in the education setting, they also go above and beyond to help you with interview prep, research and also even helped with relocation and moving from out of state! Colorado Learning always made sure to make me feel valued and I was impressed with their responsiveness and helpfulness throughout the whole job search process. I am very glad I have found them and to have worked with them.
Thanks again,



I am  more than happy to write a testimonial for Colorado Learning.  Steve at Outlook Learning, is such a hard worker, and he found several positions that we  interested in me’. Although I had to turn one offer down due to some personal reasons, I assured Steve I wanted to be on the hunt for a job in Colorado next year. He was very kind, and is very interested in listening to your concerns, etc. I appreciate all your company has to offer. Thanks again for your service. RL


“Colorado Learning has enabled me to secure an extremely rewarding teaching position here in Colorado; a state which I was fairly unfamiliar with before relocating. I had lived most of my life in New York and it would have been considerably difficult for me to locate my current school without the assistance from someone who knows the education system so well. They took the stress out of my application process by providing me with a wealth of knowledge to set me up with interviews with schools based on my interests and desires. Even after my teaching position was secured, Colorado Learning assisted me with transportation and travel, which was above and beyond. I highly recommend Colorado Learning to any out-of-state educator seeking a position in Colorado.”

Many thanks,



My experience with Steve from Colorado Learning has been wonderful. As a new teacher to the state I had very little knowledge of my employment options in the area. It was so comforting to know that someone who knew the local schools was helping to lighten the burden of searching for job openings. The job search can be a second job in itself and Colorado learning made it feel like less of a daunting task. I would and have recommended them to a number of fellow teachers.




I wanted to move back to Colorado and have a teaching position before I did so. Colorado Learning took time to find out my strengths and my preferences for what and where I wanted to teach. They set up some interviews quickly and well in advance of the upcoming school year.

My first interview went well. Colorado Learning helped me prepare for the process and I felt confident going in. The principal of the school I interviewed with offered me a position that same day! I know I will be a good fit at my new school.

The typical process of job searching can be tedious and discouraging. Thanks to Colorado Learning, I had a much more pleasant experience and I ultimately secured a job. Thank you Colorado Learning.



“Colorado Learning was a vital tool in my transition from the East Coast to Denver! Not only was Steve responsive, but his words of encouragement made you feel like he was truly on your side wanting you to find the perfect fit in a place that may not have always been home. I would encourage any professional in the education field to reach out to Steve and his team for assistance in your job search”.




I was very impressed with my representative’s diligence and resourcefulness when trying to find me a teaching position. Not only did he find any jobs available, he worked tirelessly to find the right match.

Mack N.


I live out of state and appreciated Steve’s insight and experience with various school districts in Colorado.  He is thorough and diligent.  Thanks to the support and assistance from Colorado Learning, my administrative job searching experience was a positive one!



As someone looking for teaching position from abroad, I knew that finding the right position would likely be a challenge.  Colorado Learning helped make things easy by advocating on my behalf and setting me up with interviews at great schools that fit my professional goals.  They helped me find a job I am very excited to begin, and provided phenomenal assistance in all steps of the hiring process.  I can’t thank them enough for their prompt and professional dedication.



“From my experience this past summer the Colorado Learning was extremely prompt and helpful in every aspect of the application/job search process I went through with them. They set up multiple interviews in a very short period of time and all I had to do was send a cover letter and resume. I was very impressed with their work ethic and persistence in trying to find me a teaching job.

Thanks for all you did for me this past summer!”



I found the experience with Colorado Leaning very professional and rewarding.  This offers I received through them were great.  The process Colorado Learning used was positive and professional.  They were steadfast and concerned about finding the right position not only for myself, but also for the school involved.  I would highly recommend Colorado Learning to fellow professionals anytime.

Best regards,

Teresa F.


I was very impressed with my representative’s diligence and resourcefulness when trying to find me a teaching position. Not only did he find any jobs available, he worked tirelessly to find the right match.



Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me find interviews around Colorado. Steve was so helpful and I look forward to working with him again!”

Thank you,

Mr. W. Leenheer
Colorado learning worked very hard to get my name out to multiple schools and set up interviews. Their communication was constant and effective and I had full confidence that they would find me a teaching position in Colorado



I want to thank you again for all your help and the great work you’ve put in. Colorado learning is a fantastic program and I will recommend it to anyone looking to move out there.

Thanks again and and have a great year.




“Colorado Learning was an integral part into helping me land a first year teaching position in my field of choice.  I highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to utilize their team of professionals again.”




Colorado Learning did a great job of assisting me with finding a job that suited my preferences. They do a good job of informing you about the location, school dynamics, and position. Every state should have an agency like this! They make it so that your application is a priority and they put in a good word for you!



I sincerely appreciate all the hard work you have put in on my behalf and I will recommend your service to other aspiring teachers

Nick T.


I love my new my new school and Principal. Thanks for getting my career started~!



I wanted to thank you for your hard work and efforts in trying to find me the right teaching position in Colorado. I found your organization’s services to be excellent.

Braden B.


I very much appreciate your help and encouragement.



I am very grateful for your help and really appreciate it.